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Brothertiger - "Livin'" , taken from 'Paradise Lost', out September 11, 2020.
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Direction, Art and Design by Trevor Naud
Cinematography, Editing and Color by Jordan Payne
Produced by Former Co.
Honestly, I can't keep my head up high
Honestly, I can't get a hold on life
You say "Whatcha wanna do man, will ya go far?"
I say "How do you know who you really are?"
Tell me what it's all about
Livin' like you know yourself
Fake it 'til you make it right
Climbing to a new height
Everybody's growing up
Wonder how I've ended up
Wonder if I gave myself enough time
I'm livin' my own life
I'm livin' my own life
I don't care how I get mine
I'm livin' my own life
I keep my eyes to the sky like anyone else
I keep my nose to the grindstone workin’ myself
I put my hands to the fire and swallow my pride
I keep my deepest desires on an anchor line
The vines close in
As I dredge through the mire
The floodlights dim
As the trail climbs higher now
I await for the slightest touch of asylum